(Persia Digest) – Iran’s champion discus thrower, Ehsan Hadadi, who won his sixth gold medal in Asia last week has revealed the fascinating secret of his uniforms.

Ehsan, who is currently Asia’s top discus thrower, has been talking about the designs of his uniforms showing Iran’s attractive sites, saying: “I haven’t found a sponsor for a decade due to sanctions. As such, I have incurred many damages as compared to my opponents. I have no other income except for my sport. So, I decided to design Iran’s historical and cultural sites and print them on my uniforms while introducing them to the world.”

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Ehsan added: “Other athletes found the prints captivating. In my recent competition, I portrayed the Nasir Almolk Mosque in Shiraz on my uniform. I had also used designs from Hafezieh and Milad Tower previously. I want to show our history and culture to the world. A friend helps me with the designs. These have become very popular. We plan to expand and use them on the Team Melli uniforms.”



Ehsan Hadad launches uniform showing Nasir Almolk Mosque (Pink Mosque) design in Shiraz

Persia Digest (PD) reports that Ehsan Hadadi is an Iranian champion and Asia’s record holder for discus throwing (69.32 meters).

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