(Persia Digest) – Iranian films had no rating system up until now. But from today, new regulations will be applied for movie ratings.

The new guidelines for film classifications indicate that “Films must not unsettle young children, teenagers, or young adults based on educational, ethical and social beliefs. Observing these regulations are a must for the film industry.” From this viewpoint “The rating system is not a good measure for the good or bad content of the films. They are simply a guideline for the audience to identify these with corresponding educational and psychological standards.”

Based on the new regulations, the ratings are as follows:

  1. Rated PG: Some material may not be suitable for children under the age of nine, including some scenes and language. Parental guidance suggested.
  2. Rated PG-12: Some material may be inappropriate for children under 12, including violent scenes, scary scenes, improper language, and smoking. Parents strongly cautioned.
  3. Rated R: Restricted for under 15; requires accompanying parent or adult guardian. Includes scary scenes, smoking, drug use, foul language, unconventional relations.
  4. X Rated: Only people aged 18 and above will be admitted. Contains excessive violence, use of drugs, scenes indicating marital relations or inappropriate moves.

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Based on Clause 2 of the guideline, cinema managers are not allowed to sell tickets to under 18s for X rated films. Parental guidance is advised for all other ratings.

Clause 9 of the guidelines also reads: “During the screening of the movie, at least five warnings must be given as a subtitle in the film thirty seconds before the unsuitable scenes for all age groups are screened.”

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