(Persia Digest) - The United States will see in the next months that Iran will continue its oil exports despite all pressures, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani promised on Tuesday.

Mehr News reports that he made the remarks Tuesday in a local event in Tehran to commemorate National Workers' Week.

Washington has made a ‘wrong decision’ to drive Iran’s oil export to zero, said Rouhani, highlighting that “they will see in the next months that we will continue our oil exports.”

US aims to decrease Iran’s foreign exchange revenues, said Rouhani, adding that with God’s help Iran will “bring America to its knees.”

There are numerous ways for exporting oil and US may shut one of them, he said, adding, “there are still other ways [for Iranian oil exports] that US is not aware of.”

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Unfortunately some countries are retreating in the face of US pressure and this has encouraged Washington to ramp up pressure on Iran, but the Iranian nation will resist and triumph as it did in the past, he noted.

Washington has recently announced that it will not extend sanctions waivers for those countries which imported Iranian oil. In May 2018, Trump administration pulled the US out of the international Iran Nuclear Deal, re-imposing unlawful and unilateral sanctions against Iran. Some countries, including China, Iraq and Turkey, had received waivers to continue oil trade with Iran, but now Washington says no more waivers will be issued.

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