(Persia Digest) – Jafar Panahi’s “3 Faces” has won the Best Picture award at the 8th Iranian Film Festival Australia (IFFA).

The award ceremony for the festival was held in Tehran on Monday night at the residence of the Australian Ambassador.

Australian Ambassador to Iran, Ian Biggs, welcomed the audience in his opening speech, and said: “We have had uninterrupted diplomatic ties with Tehran for fifty years. I don’t have to tell you that Iranian cinema is very well-known and I am proud that we have a cinematic connection between our two countries.”

He continued by saying: “I follow Iranian films, but I am not an opinion holder in this field. Tonight, many critics are present in this crowd and we will surely benefit from their views.”

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IFFA President, Armin Miladi, said this is an independent cultural event and not sponsored by any organs inside or outside Iran. He added: “We aim to introduce the culture and cinema of Iran abroad.”

He went on to say: “The 8th Iranian Film Festival Australia was held in twelve cinema theaters in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, and Perth from 18 October-18 November 2018.”

Last night’s ceremony accredited actor Ali Nasirian, the forerunner of Iranian cinema, before the award ceremony.

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The winners are:

  1. Australian Audience Award – “3 Faces” by Jafar Panahi
  2. Best Director – “The Pig” by Mani Haghighi
  3. Best Screenplay – Abbas Amini and Hossein Farahzadeh for “Hendi and Hormoz”
  4. Best Actress – Sara Bahrami for “Axing”
  5. Best Actor – Hassan Majouni for “The Pig” and Mohsen Tabandeh for “Rona, Azim’s Mother”
  6. Special Jury Award – Bahman Farmanara for “The Tale of the Sea”
  7. Best Picture – “3 Faces” by Jafar Panahi

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