(Persia Digest) – Workers and worker activists gathered outside “Laborers House” in Tehran today, 1 May, to highlight their union’s requests once more.

Fighting capitalism, job security, inadequacy of wages commensurate with livelihoods, social security, unemployment, child workers, women heads of family, single mothers, and temporary employment contracts were some of their demands at the gathering.

The Head of the Workers Union, Hassan Sadeghi, pointed to the event of 1 May 1886 in the US, and said: “Trump is squeezing the throats of Iranian workers with his cruel sanctions and yet shamelessly declares himself to be the defendant of their rights.”

This activist also commented on Labor Day by saying: “Workers are the backbone of the establishment. Authorities should have paved the way for our march instead of stopping us and limiting us to one designated place.”

In his speech, Sadeghi also asked authorities to seek a solution for the economy and production, because the workers’ problems would not be resolved without the unwinding of these issues first.

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He stressed: “Workers are not anti-revolutionaries to be stopped and their slogans silenced.”

The ceremony continued with Alireza Mahjoub, MP and Secretary General of Laborers House, criticizing the fact that a march permit was not issued for workers on Labor Day, adding: “It is our right to march. The whole world marches on Labor Day. Our license to stage a march has been turned down for five consecutive years.”

He reiterated: “This crowd wants to air the wishes of the union. It’s apolitical. We have applied for a march permit on numerous occasions, but to no avail.”

Persia Digest (PD) reports that other activists also took the podium at the ceremony to air the demands of their union.

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