(Persia Digest) – Chekdermeh is a traditional food cooked in Golestan Province, Bandar Torkaman and Aq Qala. It is very much like the estanboli-polo of Tehran and is cooked in a traditional pot called ghazan. This Torkamani food is prepared easily and quickly.

Ingredients (serves 5)

5 Cups of rice

500g Red meat

4 Cups of water

1 Medium onion

2-3 tbsp tomato paste

Oil, salt, turmeric, pepper, add-on spices to taste

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Dice the onion finely and caramelize it in a hot pot. Add the chopped meat to the onion and season with pepper, turmeric and other spices. Add water before the red color of the meat changes.

Sauté the tomato paste in another pan and add to the meat. Cover the pot and let the mixture cook well. The meat should be covered with some water after it’s cooked. Then add the washed rice to the mixture. The level of water should be a knuckle above the rice. If it is less than that add some hot water. After adding the water, let the water come to the boil boil on medium heat in a half-covered pot. Once the water is boiling uncover the pot completely and wait until the rice is cooked well. Cover the lid with a terry tower, place on the pot, lower the heat and let it steam.

Torkamani Chekdermeh is ready half an hour later, Bon Appetit.

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