(Persia Digest) – In an Iranian Premier League match, football fans began hurling stones into their rival’s half of the pitch after a goal was scored against them. A stone hit the head of the coach who collapsed on the side of the field.

Persia Digest (PD) reports that Iranian Premier League matches are highly sensitive games in their final weeks.

During the match between Naft-e Masjed Suleiman and Sepid Roud teams on Friday, angry Naft fans began throwing stones in the field when Sepid Roud scored in min 55. Naft-e Masjed Suleiman Head Coach, Firouz Karimi, collapsed when he was hit in the head by one of these stones.

The game had to be stopped for a few minutes as paramedics rushed to Karimi and bandaged his head. But he had to be taken to hospital due to his grave condition.

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This was a highly sensitive match between the two teams who rank 14th and 15th on the table. With a goal scored by Naft in min 99, the game was a draw and the two teams stayed close with a one point difference. Naft-e Masjed Suleiman ranks 14th with 21 points and Sepid Roud of Rasht ranks 15th with 20 points. One of the teams will climb to League One at the end of the Premier League games. With this match being a draw, the next two games will be defining.

At a match between championship contenders Persepolis of Tehran and Sepahan of Isfahan last week, 295 fans were injured and one lost his life after brawls broke out between them.

There were also more scuffles a fortnight ago between Tractor-Sazi of Tabriz and Peykan of Tehran after the former lost the match and its fans invaded the grounds to beat up their team members.

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