(Persia Digest) - The 21st Gachsar Tulip Festival was opened by the Head of Iran’s Tourism Organization in Alborz Province, Iran.

The festival has been organized in April every year on the initiative of private sector investors for the past 21 years. It is visited by thousands of people in Garmab village in Gachsar, 52kms along the Karaj-Chalous road.

This year, the festival was held in 10 thousand square hectares and around 600 thousand bulbs in 23 varieties were on display.

The tulip festival aims to attract tourists, raise awareness for the protection of the environment and natural resources, promote plant cultivation, optimal use of agricultural land and gardens, and the introduction of Alborz Province’s historic and natural attractions.

Over 500 thousand people visit the ten-day festival every year. Culture-making and helping nature in Alborz Province and Iran are other aims of the organizers.

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