(Persia Digest) – While Iran’s Ambassador to London has given the news of probable exemptions for Iraq from US sanctions to continue trade with Iran, it seems the US is looking for concessions from Iraq.

Iranian Ambassador to London, Hamid Baeidinejad tweeted: “Some Iraqi political sources say the US admin has informed the Iraqi government it can be exempted from sanctions to continue trade with Iran if it signs a contract with Exxon Mobil by mid-June.”

Persia Digest (PD) reports that the US issued waivers for Iraq to buy electricity from Iran after it re-instated sanctions on Iran. These were renewed on a number of occasions. As there is no mention of Iranian electricity having been sanctioned, it seems the waiver for Iraq is in line with the US demanding concessions from Iraq.

For instance, when the US issued waivers for Iraq in December 2018, the media reported that the presence of US troops in Iraq had been extended for three months in return for exemption from the imposed sanctions against Iran. Also, Spokesperson for the United States Department of State in 2018, Heather Nauert, had announced the dissolution and delivery of weapons from Iraqi Shiite militant groups as a condition for Iraqi exemption from US sanctions against Iran.

Now, the United States has announced that Iraq must sign an agreement with an American energy company to extend its exemption from Iran's sanctions. An issue which shows that the United States intends to receive concessions from Iraq under the pretext of sanctions on Iran.

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