(Persia Digest) – The Golshan Garden is situated on one of the main streets of the city of Tabas in eastern Iran. The location of the garden between the two Lut and Dasht-e Kavir deserts is more like a miracle.

In 2008, The Daily Telegraph’s official website placed Golshan Garden on the list of the world’s 50 beautiful gardens.

The timing of the construction coincided with the last days of Lotf Ali Khan Zand’s reign when Agha Mohammad Khan Qajar was trying to take over from him. For this reason, experts say the garden dates back to the late Zandieh and early Qajar periods. There are two main passageways crossing one another in Golshan Garden, dividing the area into four large squares; a relatively large pond is placed where the two passageways meet.

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There is only one building in the vast garden referred to as the Sardarb Building.

The building’s façade has white plaster cladding and it is considered a simple building in architectural terms. However, it is one of the main buildings of Tabas and very important to the city.

There is a museum in Sardarb Building called The Earth Legacy of Tabas where one can observe past activities of man and nature related to geology.

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