(Persia Digest) – The Iranian President issued a statement today in part of which he warned Europe regarding the suspension of some of its commitments under the JCPOA by saying: “You are aware of our role in preventing an influx of immigrants to Europe. You are aware that we were the largest anti-narcotics stronghold and stopped its trafficking trough Iran from our eastern frontier to your countries by giving 4000 martyrs to the cause.”

Rouhani continued by saying that all of the above operations were carried out at a cost of billions of dollars, adding that Iran is no longer able to meet the cost under the circumstances created by the US. He stated: “It is not possible to have a JCPOA nuclear deal with only Iran paying the cost. If the deal is good for security, peace, and development in the region and the world then everyone must pay the price.”

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He added: “Today, you have a duty to maintain yourselves, not for Iran, but for your own safety, to safeguard your youth against drugs and the flood of refugees and to safeguard other cooperation that Iran has had with you so far; if the current process continues, this cooperation will end.”

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