(Persia Digest) – Tabriz Bazaar in Azarbaijan, northwestern Iran, was registered by Unesco as a World Heritage Site and the largest roofed market a decade ago. The bazaar was caught in a fire on Wednesday night.

The entire Tabriz fire brigade was dispatched to the scene to bring the fire under control.

The work carried on into Thursday morning when the fire was finally extinguished.

The emergency services spokesperson for East Azarbaijan has announced that 16 people have been injured among both firemen and shopkeepers.

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Part of the historic bazaar roof had to be demolished to allow smoke from flammable materials to escape.

Tabriz Bazaar is situated in an estimated one square kilometre of land. It is the world’s largest roofed bazaar comprised of numerous smaller bazaars, rows of shops, corridors, and caravanserais. Placed at the crossroads of the Silk Road and the passage of thousands of caravans daily from Asian, African, and European countries, Tabriz and its bazaar flourished especially at this time.

The bazaar is the city’s trading hub and operates with 5500 shops in 40 types of employment.

Many travelers and tourists have written about the bazaar and praised its grandeur, such as Ibn Battuta, Marco Polo, Jakson, Evliya Çelebi, Yaqut al-Hamawi, Gaspard Drouville, etc.

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