(Persia Digest) – Machine-made carpets comprise half of Iran’s exports in the textiles industry. Of USD 700MM worth of exports in this sector, over USD 350MM is in machine-made carpets.

Persia Digest (PD) reports that 90MM sqm of machine-made carpets was woven in Iran last year of which 60MM sqm was for domestic use. If it can find a suitable market for exports, the industry can increase production up to 120MM sqm per year.

Member of the Board for the Textiles Association of Iran, Alireza Haeri, said: “The machine-made carpet industry in Iran has the capacity to weave up to USD 1BN and 500MM worth of carpets per year. But first, this requires a supply of liquidity and raw materials.”

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Haeri pointed to the large markets of neighboring countries, and said: “Iran has fifteen neighbors with a population of over 600 million people to which we export 60 percent of our machine-made carpets.”

Persia Digest (PD) reports that Iranian machine-made carpets are among the world’s top textile products in terms of design, quality, and color combination and Iran is among the six countries with powerful styles in this industry.

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