(Persia Digest) – The Secretary of the Iranian Parliament Committee on National Security and Foreign Policy has said: “Collaboration will continue in the event that Europe agrees to sign an agreement with Iran and assume part of the cost for Afghan immigrants.”

Hassan Rouhani announced Iran’s partial withdrawal from the JCPOA nuclear deal on Wednesday while telling Europe that fighting the transit of drugs and immigrants is costing his country billions of dollars which Iran is no longer able to pay for under the circumstances created by Trump.

Along the same line, the political deputy of the Foreign Ministry, Abbas Araghchi, also pointed to a decrease in Iran’s financial sources as a result of sanctions, reiterating: “Iran is unable to accept the cost of Afghan refugees and the US must assume this as the destabilizing force in Afghanistan.”

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The Secretary of the Iranian Parliament Committee on National Security and Foreign Policy, Mohammad-Javad Jamali-Nobandegani, told Persia Digest (PD): “The Islamic Republic of Iran spends € 6 billion annually on providing services to Afghan refugees in the country. This has been ongoing for years. But, it seems the EU and USA are not only increasing sanctions on Iran, they are also trying to hold Iran responsible for resolving insecurity issues in Afghanistan.”

He reiterated: “Figures show that after NATO entered Afghanistan, drug production, especially opium, increased manifold there. Iran is the only country fighting its transit and paying the price with the lives of its border guards and backup services. Large numbers of guards and law enforcement officers lose their life or are injured in the line of duty every year.”

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He stressed: “If Iran didn’t take these measures, more than 90 percent of Afghanistan's drug trafficking would reach Europe.”

The MP continued by saying: “Iran has strategies it can implement without discontinuing its immigration policy. These cannot be disclosed to the media due to security reasons. But if Europe signs an agreement with Iran similar to the one it signed with Turkey on displaced people, our cooperation can continue. The existing trend cannot be kept up under increasing sanctions pressure and abrogation of the JCOPA nuclear deal.”

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