(Persia digest) – The Iranian Police has decided to issue permits to some hotels and inns to build hostels in order to attract tourists despite the fact that hostels have been banned in Iran so far.

Tourists coming to Iran usually seek hostels to stay in because they can pay less compared to hotels but since there are no such places in the country visiting tourists are usually confused and do not know what to do for their accommodation. Of course there is cheap accommodation in certain places for foreign guests but they are not hostels.

For this reason, the Iranian Police has decided to issue permits to authorized hotels and inns to run hostels in their buildings and display the relevant signboard. By taking this measure, Iran actually intends to take a positive step towards accommodating tourists willing to stay in hostels.

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Only foreign tourists can stay in the hostels to be built across the country.

The rules governing hotels and inns in Iran will apply to these hostels. In other words, men and women can use hostels only when they are couples or close relatives (sisters and brothers).

According to the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran, men and women can share a room in hotels, inns or hostels only when they are either husband and wife or sister and brother.

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