(Persia Digest) – The tourism industry in Iran has focused on attracting Chinese visitors to this country by organizing special tours for its operators to introduce them to the attractions of Iran.

Expanding the tourism industry can also help replace lost revenues and foreign currency impacted by US sanctions on Iran’s oil exports and economy.

Speaking about the familiarization tour for Chinese operators, the CEO of Tourism Marketing and Advertising in Iran, Mohammad Ebrahim-Larijani, said: “China is one of Iran’s top priority markets and the familiarization of their operators in the tourism sector with attractions in Iran can have a great impact on continued cooperation between the two countries in this sector.”

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He continued by saying that tours had been organized for eight Chinese operators to this end recently, adding: “Last year, 11 familiarization tours were organized for 194 operators, including bloggers, journalists, radio and TV representatives, and other influential people from different countries. They visited Iranian provinces and their tourist attractions. We intend to continue the program more vigorously this year. As such, we hosted a group of tour operators from China for 11 days in April this year.”

According to Larijani, Chinese tour operators visited sites in Tehran, Kashan, Isfahan, Yazd, Shiraz, and Tabriz.”

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