(Persia Digest) – Former Director General for the Middle East at the Foreign Ministry has said: “The UAE is trying to transform the tanker incidents into an international incident and involve the UN Security Council. But, regardless of who is responsible, it will be pinned on Iran.”

The Foreign Ministry of the UAE has issued a statement saying that two Saudi and two UAE oil tankers have been hit near its territorial waters. There were no loss of life or environmental damages.

Former Director General for the Middle East at the Foreign Ministry, Ghasem Mohebali, told Persia Digest (PD) in an interview: “This may well be a plot against Iran. The style of reporting by the UAE government also points to this.”

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Commenting on the statement issued by the UAE Foreign Ministry, he reiterated: “The statement seems to have been drawn with great care, because it states that the sabotage against the tankers took place near its territorial waters. Even if the incident took place in territorial waters, the UAE is trying to turn this into an international incident. In this case, it is only natural that the US and UNSC should be responsible and respond to an incident which has occurred in international waters.”

This former high-ranking Iranian diplomat added: “Therefore, this can possibly be a plot against Iran. It may also be possible that this was carried out by a handful of unwise people who, at one point, took over the Saudi Embassy in Tehran, muddying the waters between the Persian Gulf states and the Islamic Republic. The outcome will, nevertheless, be the same; because, no matter who is responsible, the incident will be pinned on Iran.”

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Mohebali reminded: “This is the ideal situation for US allies in the Middle East who are pushing for increased tensions and a war. They also want a larger US military presence in the region. During the eight-year Iraq-Iran war, commercial ships being targeted in the Persian Gulf led to the US presence in the region and strikes on Iranian oil platforms. Therefore, what took place yesterday could entail such a reaction.”

He wrapped up by saying: “I truly doubt that an Iranian should support a war. Acting against oil tankers will place Iran against the International community and the UNSC will also respond to it. China, Russia, and the EU share a similar view on this. It will also add fuel to the fire of America regarding the IRGC being a terrorist organization and this will not benefit the Islamic Republic.”

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