(Persia Digest) – The new Schiller album called “Morgenstund” which is fusion music recorded with Iranian musicians was released internationally in March this year. They have now started their tour in which Yalda Abbasi, Iranian woman musician, also plays the dotar.

Player of the Khorasan dotar string instrument and singer of “Maghami” folk song, Yalda Abbasi had previously played in the “Golden Gate” piece with Christopher von Deylen (group manager and composer). She is now going on the Arena Tour with the ensemble.

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Arena Tour is the latest traveling concert by the Schiller Ensemble which began in Germany on 8 May 2019. As of now, they have visited the five cities of Dresden, Leipzig, Frankfurt, Nuremberg and Bielefeld in which Yalda Abbasi has been present. This Iranian musician will perform in the ensemble’s ten other concerts until 25 May in Erfurt, Hannover, Cologne, Oberhausen, Munich, Stuttgart, Munich, Bremen, Hamburg and Berlin.

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Schiller Ensemble representative and producer in Iran, Mostafa Kabiri, has announced that Yalada Abbasi’s presence in the group has had a captive audience in the Arena Tour in Germany, adding: “Considering Yalda’s success on this tour, Christopher von Deylen is trying to plan for Yalda to accompany the group on their future tours.”

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