(Persia Digest) – The President of Tehran University of Medical Sciences has announced that the university will open a branch in Iraq, saying: “Discussions have been carried out with Iraq and a branch of the university will soon open there.”

Dr Abbas-Ali Karimi added: “Over 950 students from 46 countries enrolled in different subjects at the Tehran University of Medical Sciences last year.”

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He underlined: “We offer healthcare to neighboring countries at the university apart from teaching and research. Many patients from these countries refer to the university’s healthcare centers.”

The President of Tehran University of Medical Sciences reiterated: “We are planning to open up branches in some of our neighboring countries. The first of these will be in Iraq. Coordination has already been made with its Minister of Sciences. We hope to do this as soon as possible and increase the number of enrolments apart from the 2000 foreign students we already have at the university.”

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