(Persia Digest) - The Chapel of Dzordzor, located near Baron Village in the vicinity of Maku is submerged in beautiful silence. The building overlooks a valley through which Zangi Mar River flows. It also holds legends and myths at its heart. The original name of the chapel is the 'Holy Mary' but it has come to be known as Dzordzor church the beautiful scenic landscapes of which have made it one of the most unique buildings in Iran.

The construction of the chapel dates back to between 1315 and 1324 CE. It was built upon the order of Zakaria, the archbishop of St. Thaddeus Church who belonged to one of the famous families and land owners of the region.

In 2008, the church was registered as a World Heritage Site due to its architectural importance and value.

The small cross-shaped church is made of stones like other similar buildings of that era. The entrance of the church, an iron door bearing Armenian inscriptions and a cross, is on its western side.

The chapel has a simple appearance, ornamented only with crosses carved on pilasters framing the windows.

In 1366 HS (1987 CE) operations on a water irrigation project in Maku were launched and, in order to protect this valuable church, the management of the Iranian Cultural Heritage Organization decided to transfer the church to a safe place.

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To this end, The Iran Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization (Ichto) in cooperation with the experts and architects of the Republic of Armenia transferred the church to another place at a height of 110 meters, 600 meters away from its original site, within a period of 25 days.

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