(Persia Digest) – Fars Governor Deputy has announced the start of works for the construction of the country’s largest solar power plant in Fars Province, southern Iran, in association with Italian investors.

Yadollah Rahmani stated: “Work on three solar power plants with a total capacity of 70MW began with an Italian company last week. The groundbreaking ceremony for a solar farm was also held in the province yesterday.

Of the said 70 MW solar power plants, 30MW is situated in Surmegh Abadeh, 20MW in Neyriz, and 20 MW in Shiraz University.

These plants will produce maximum power in Iran. The Italian company has invested 70MM euros in the project which will be completed in nine months. The exploitation period is 20 years. The electricity generated by these power plants will be exported to Iran’s neighboring countries.

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However, in another announcement by Sirjan MP, Shahbaz Hassanpour, it was said that over 100 solar energy units in Kerman Province are awaiting financing. He said: “95 percent of the province’s solar energy capacity has remained untapped due to systemic inconsistencies by executive agencies in the province.”

Persia Digest (PD) reports that Kerman Province in eastern Iran is in an excellent location in terms of sunshine and clean energy generation.

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