(Persia Digest) – The Iranian Tour Operators Association Deputy has highlighted that an increasing number of tours are bringing visitors with special interests to Iran, adding: “The age range for tourists visiting Iran is changing.”

These days, Iran is faced with a fantastic amount of propaganda against it. A propaganda that portrays a dismal face of the country. But Iran has a knack for changing the minds of those who brave a visit here completely and provides them with a holiday to remember long after they have left.

Deputy of the Iranian Tour Operators Association, Seyed Mohammad-Ali Ashraf-Vaghefi, says: “Although an adjustment has taken place in the number of tours coming to Iran, this was not big enough to be called a reduction. People around the world are now fully aware of US policies.”

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He continued: “Be that as it may, we have had an increase in tours with special interests. Some are interested in traveling routes that will familiarize them with Iranian farmers. Others are interested in culinary tours and cooking.”

Vaghefi reiterated: “Even the number of nature tourists wanting to visit our deserts and forests is on the increase. This includes safaris and desert tourism.”

Speaking about the age range of visitors coming to Iran, he said: “We have been witnessing a drop in the age of cultural tourists to Iran for some time now. Nature tourists are younger. European tourists who want to learn about our culture are older and those coming to visit from other countries are younger.”

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Vaghefi also commented on plans to operate joint tours between Armenia-Iran and Uzbekistan-Iran for most countries, including Europe, Australia, and even China, saying: “These joint tours have been operating for a while and are becoming more popular. The Chinese and Southeast Asian countries are more interested in visiting a number of countries at once. As such, we are planning joint tours with our neighboring countries which have been met with a captive audience.”

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