(Persia Digest) – A 7-day exhibition of arts, literature, handicrafts, history, and sociology of countries along the Silk Road, including Iran, is being held in the South of France to introduce these countries and ways of traveling there.

Persia Digest (PD) reports that the second Silk Road exhibition centered on Iran and Uzbekistan has just opened in France.

The exhibition organizer has said about the aim of the exhibition: “I wanted the Iranian and French people to know each other more; to connect more, learn more from one another, and to correct the false impression that we have of each other, especially of Iran.

The Silk Road Exhibition has dedicated a day to ‘Iran’ and intends to introduce Iranian delicacies which have been selected with the vote of French tourists who have traveled to Iran.

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The unknown face of Iran is another part of the exhibition which will answer questions on the daily life of Iranians. The most frequently asked questions by the French are on the hijab and religion which will be answered by an Iranian journalist and tour guide.

Other subjects tackled on separate days by the exhibition are carpets, miniatures, architecture, poetry, and medicine. These are presented by French travelers who have visited Silk Road countries and researched their achievements.

Reading Khayyam, Sa’di, and Hafez has also been an important part of the exhibition presented by the French which has met with a captive audience.

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The exhibition is held in Aubin, South of France, which is known for its ceramics and pottery. Artists and artisans from Iran and France have been exchanging knowledge on their art of ceramics and pottery.

The exhibition will run until 19 May 2019.

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