(Persia Digest) – Omar Khayyam of Neishabour was born on 17 May 1048 in Iran. This dat has been named as Khayyam Day on the Iranian calendar. He was a philosopher, mathematician, astronomer, and composer of Persian rubaiyat. He passed away on 3 December 1131 in his city of birth.

Today, he is best known for his rubaiyat. But his part in solving geometric solutions by the intersection of conics and studies on Euclid's fifth postulate have registered him as a great mathematician in the history of science.

During the time of Malek Shah Seljuk and before the age of thirty, Khayyam was charged with reforming the calendar. He produced the Persian Jalali Calendar which is more accurate than the present Gregorian Calendar.

Khayyam used the rubai form to express his philosophical views. These were translated into English by Edward Fitzgerald, thus introducing him more to the West.

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The main characteristic of Khayyam's thoughts is his questioning mind. He has always focused on the main points of human life which forms the core of his quatrains.

In Persian, Khayyam is one of the most celebrated poets writing about the uncertainty of the world. Almost one-third of Khayyam's rubaiyat are bout time spent on festivities and happiness dating back to the pre-Islamic era in Iran.

Many poets and literary figures have been influenced by Khayyam, including the great Hafez from Iran, French playwright Maurice Bouchor, Spanish poet Christovam de Camargo, Andre Gide, Jean Lahore, Charles Grolleau, Mark Bernard, Jean Chapelain, and Armand Renaud.

Khayyam’s tomb

Khayyam’s tomb is one of the top attractions of Neishabour. It was designed by Houshang Seyhoun and completed in March 1963. The design is based on mathematical formulae to highlight him as a prominent mathematician.

Many locations have been named after Khayyam, including a crater on the moon and an asteroid. His statue is part of the Persian Scholars Pavilion donated by Iran to the UN.

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Google has changed his logo today to show the birthday of this great Persian poet and scholar.

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