(Persia Digest) – A Russian affairs analyst in Iran believes: “The main addressees of Putin’s recent speech were Europe and the US. But, Russia will not take Iran’s side as tensions rise and, essentially, it is not in a position to help Iran.”

At a meeting with the Austrian President last Wednesday, Putin announced: “The Europeans are unable to do anything for the JCPOA and compensate for Iran’s economic losses. Russia is not a fire brigade to save everything. This country has played its part in safeguarding the JCPOA.”

Putin’s speech took place amid increasing tensions between Iran and the USA.

Russian affairs analyst in Tehran, Dr Mahmoud Shouri, told Persia Digest (PD) in an interview: “Putin was mainly addressing Europe and the US rather than Iran. He was warning that the JCPOA as an international achievement of the Security Council members must be safeguarded.”

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He continued: “The Russians can give this diplomatic warning to the West at this stage. In fact, Russia has no other tools apart from diplomacy; but its ties with Europe and the US can make this an effective tool. Russia has been in conference with the US in recent days where they can air their concerns and views and clarify what path they will take in case of intensified tensions between the US and Iran.”

Shouri reiterated: “Putin's latest remarks are an attempt to discourage the West from imposing more pressure on Iran, given their relationship with Tehran. Although the Russians have good diplomatic tools at this point in time, this is bound to fade away in the next stage.”

The analyst stressed: “Putin’s remarks do not necessarily place him on Iran’s side. The Russians are not presently concerned on whose side they are. They want to save the JCPOA because their relations with Iran means its collapse will damage their interests. But the reality is, Russia will not be on Iran’s side as tensions increase.”

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He reiterated: “Basically, there is nothing much Russia can do for Iran, because it is also sanctioned by the West. But if Iran’s file is sent back to the UN Security Council, the chances are slim that Russia will side with the West. The IR of Iran’s situation is different today from 2010. At that time, Iran was accused of not abiding by the UNSC resolutions and did not report its nuclear activities.”

Shouri added: “But today, fourteen IAEA reports verify Iran’s compliance with the JCPOA. Iran has also shown its good will towards Russia. These issues will affect Russia’s decisions where American unilateralism in international affairs is concerned. Thus, if Iran’s file is returned to the Security Council, Moscow’s vote will not be close to that of the West as before.”

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