(Persia Digest) - Nowadays, the residents of Tehran are playing host to beautiful guests – orange-colored butterflies flying over the greens across the Iranian capital in springtime.

These orange-colored butterflies are from the Vanessa Cardui species and are also known as 'Painted Lady'. Experts say these butterflies pose no threat to the environment or agriculture.

Similar butterflies have been seen in other cities such as Mashhad in northeastern Iran.

With the beginning of spring, other species of insects are also seen in Tehran including whiteflies that are harmful in the real sense of the word. Of course, the orange-colored butterflies are not vermin and people view them more as birds than vermin due to their popularity in Iranian culture.

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A reason for an increase in the number of orange-colored butterflies this spring is recent heavy rainfalls in the capital and the subsequent growth of plants which are suitable for butterflies to feed and breed.

However, it is said that butterflies are sensitive to hot weather and with the gradual rise in temperature from the current month, the number of butterflies will decrease in the city.

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