(Persia Digest) – The Head of the Family and School Health at the Iranian Ministry of Health and Medical Education has said: “Marriage in Iran has decreased by 30 percent in the last eight years.”

Seyed Hamed Barakati added: “In 2010, 890 thousand marriages were registered in Iran. This has had a gradual drop of 6 percent annually to reach 660 thousand marriages in 2017.”

He continued: “In an 8-year period between 2010 and 2017, marriage in Iran has dropped by 30 percent.”

Barakati reiterated: “In 2011, 13 million young people in the marriage age were still single. This figure was over 11 million in 2017, indicating a drop in population. We have also witnessed an increase in the age of marriage among the young. Our research in 2016 shows that the median age for marriage was 24 among girls and 27.5among boys. This has gone up in recent years.”

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He said that births in Iran declined sharply in recent years because of the decline in marriages.

Persia Digest (PD) reports that experts cite unemployment, the cost of life, accommodation, and financial difficulties as the main reasons for a drop in the number of marriages in Iran.

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