(Persia Digest) – A reformist MP in Iran has called on the foreign minister to form a 100-member group in coordination with the National Security Council to discuss Iran’s position in talks with American and European officials.

In an interview with the Iranian Parliament News Agency, MP Elias Hazrati said: “Mr Zarif has become the lone voice of Iran in the wilderness of this world. But I believe we must end this monologue.”

He added: “The foreign minister should propose to the National Security Council to select a group of 100 people for talks with other countries. This group must become a barrier against anti-Iranian lobbyists. This can also prevent war.”

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He continued: “Members can be from people loyal to the system, critics of the IR of Iran or opponents of the Islamic Republic; but they must all have the interests of Iran at heart.”

Hazrati went on to say: “At least 100 lobbyists must be selected for discussions with American congressmen, senators, party leaders, journalists, intellectuals, and industrialists. We must conduct the same discussions with European figures.”

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Persia Digest (PD) reports that the proposal came after a fundamentalist MP said that talks were currently ‘poison’, adding: “Those who are calling for talks are either scared or traitors and none of them can be trusted advisors.”

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