(Persia Digest) - The director general of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization in northern Province of Gilan has said the historical town of Masuleh will be placed in the list of the world cultural heritage sites by 2020 with the efforts underway by the Iranian officials.

Amir Entekhabi also said: “Some 3,000 historical sites and monuments have been identified in Gilan Province of which 1,080 have been registered as national monuments.”

According to Persia Digest (PD), a delegation comprising UNESCO experts had visited Gilan Province in 2004 to examine historical conditions of Masuleh for being registered as one of the world heritage sites. However, the historical town has been in waiting list despite of being qualified to be registered as a world heritage site.

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Snow in Masuleh (photos)

Parkour in Masuleh (photo)


The historic town of Masuleh is one of Iran’s most picturesque stepped towns in the northern Guilan Province, 35kms west of Fouman.

The location of Masuleh between the mountains and the forest has provided it with a quaint landscape. It has one of Iran’s most temperate climates and is host to tens of thousands of tourists worldwide.

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Masuleh is a historic tourist attraction known for its distinctive stepped architecture. It was registered as a national heritage of Iran in 1975.

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