(Persia Digest) -  Meybod caravansary in Yazd Province dates back to Safavid dynasty and was registered as a national monument in 1978.

The brick monument has been built with the famous architecture of four chambers. An entrance located at the end of a roofed corridor. The entrance has a large wood door which indicates the security system of the caravansary.

The yard of the caravansary has 24 small rooms without furniture. There is a small pond in the middle of the yard through which the water of a subterranean canal flows. Another part of the historical monument is a large underground water reservoir which consists of a brick dome and four ventilations.

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There was a small marketplace in front of the caravansary whose roof had been collapsed but were renovated in recent years. Other parts of the monument sustaining damage as a result of moisture have been completely restored.

At present, the monument houses Cultural Heritage Office of Meybod and the library of Documents Center. The western hall of the caravansary has been turned into a traditional restaurant and coffee shop.

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