(Persia Digest) - According to a government official, 500,000 housing units in Tehran Province are vacant which are not subject to tax, and only pay the municipal legal taxes for construction.

Persia Digest reports that one of the main problems in Iran's economy is the issue of housing. House prices in Iran have been rising dramatically over the last decade. This has led to purchasing of houses to become a dream for many people of different social strata, especially in major cities such as Tehran. Moreover, the rise of house prices has affected their security deposits and rents, and has created many problems for tenants.

Housing in Iran is not just an economic issue, it is also linked to social issues such as delay in young people's marriage. However, there are still no comprehensive laws and regulations for this issue.

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Many investors consider buying a house the best investment, because it has a high profit and they pay no tax for it. For this reason, many of them are not even willing to rent their vacant houses while awaiting the rise of the house prices, as they believe it will cause damage and the falling of the price. This has led to 500,000 housing units being vacant in Tehran Province, according to Nematollah Torki, the head of the Management and Planning Organization of Tehran Province, while many people face the problem of finding suitable housing.

Tax laws in Iran are implemented at the most elementary level, and since the government can provide its funds by selling oil and gas, it is not very much concerned with the issue of taxation, economic justice and the elimination of social discrimination.

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