(Persia Digest) – Iranian Belgian, Darya Safai, has become a Member of the Chamber of Representatives in Belgium.

Ms Safai posted a tweet on Monday 27 May that she has been elected MP with over 17 thousand votes.

Dentist and women’s rights activist, the Iranian-Belgian has been elected to the New Flemish Alliance (NVA) nationalist, conservative political party in the Flemish speaking part of Belgium.

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She thanked all her supporters on her social media accounts for voting for her.

She was arrested in the 1999 student protests in Iran and became a refugee in Belgium.

Alongside her profession as a dentist, she has also been an activist of human and women’s rights in recent years and founded the group ‘Let Iranian Women Enter Their Stadiums’. She also went to the Iranian National Volleyball Team’s games at the Olympics in Rio with placards supporting Iranian women. She has asked Iranian authorities to allow women to attend games in stadiums.

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