(Persia Digest) - Shortage of wound dressing products caused by the US sanctions has seriously threatened the life of Iranian Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) patients.

IRNA reports that EB is an inherited symptom that causes fragile skin which is easily blistered when exposed to the slightest pressure or friction.

A number of ways have been suggested for reliving the pain and suffering of the patients all across the world. Among the most helpful ones is the innovation by the Swedish pharmaceutical company Molnlyke which is a special kind of dressing, known as Mepilex. The Swedish wound dressing is considered the major treatment for the wounds of EB patients.

Iran's Health Ministry in the past years have provided the products free of charge, but the US sanctions impost Iran since May 2018 has prevented the company from selling the product to Iran.

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The EB patients are heavily need the medication for their survival to the extent that some 300 Iranian patients have been struggling with the syndrome in critical condition with seven patients deaths reported.

Many human right groups have criticized the US for cutting off banking ties of Iran threatening the international banks with punitive fines by the US Department of Treasury.

US Department of Treasury says in words that the sanctions excluded food and medicines, but, in practice the international banks are  refusing to open up Letters of Credit for medical equipment by the Iranian companies.

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