(Persia Digest) – The Acting Prosecutor of Tehran has announced that the second wife of Mohammad-Ali Najafi, former mayor of Tehran, has been killed with a bullet in her own home.

The mayor’s younger wife, Mitra Ostad, was shot dead in her home in the Sa’adat-Abad district of Tehran.

She was wife no 2 of Mohmmad-Ali Najafi whom he wed in May last year. The news of him taking a second wife while still living with his first wife went viral in the media.

In reaction to his second marriage, a former member of the Tehran Islamic City Council, Mrs Fatemeh Daneshvar, said: “You did right to resign! A man who is incapable of staying faithful to a woman who has spent her entire life with him will never remain faithful to his obligations to the people and citizens of his city.”

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The second wife of Tehran’s former mayor, now deceased, had previously defended her marriage to Najafi in an interview by saying: “Anyone can fall in love and get married.”

The late Mitra Najafi had also refuted allegations that she was in an illicit relationship with the former mayor before marrying him, adding: “These are slanderous claims and we trust slanderers to God.”

Persia Digest (PD) reports that Mohammad-Ali Najafi is an Iranian politician who was the Minister of Education in Hashemi-Rafsanjani’s cabinet. He was the Head of the Management and Planning Organization of Iran in Seyed Mohammad Khatami’s cabinet and the Head of the Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts Organization of Iran in Rouhani’s cabinet from which he resigned six months later due to cardiovascular complications. Subsequently, he became Tehran’s mayor only to resign seven months later, stating cancer as the reason.

Police investigations have identified Najafi as the main suspect. They tried to arrest him in his daughter’s house in Velenjak where he was hiding. But Tehran’s former mayor had already fled by leaving a note behind. Details of the note have not been released yet.

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