(Persia Digest) – The Spokesperson for Iran’s Foreign Ministry has welcomed the toning down of President Trump’s remarks on Iran, but said: “This is not enough. The change of tone must be transmuted into a changed approach followed by a changed strategy towards Iran.”

Persia Digest (PD) reports that following a verbal escalation between the US and Iran in recent weeks leading to a US escalation of military deployment in the region including aircraft carriers, bombers, and personnel, President Trump met with Japanese PM, Abe Shinzo, in Japan and used a mild tone against Iran by saying it was not seeking a regime change there.

The Spokesperson for Iran’s Foreign Ministry said this verbal change by the US can be considered and called for a change of approach followed by a change in US strategy towards Iran.

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In an interview with the Young Journalists Club, Seyed Abbas Mousavi pointed to Barack Obama’s confidential letter to the Supreme Leader of Iran, and said: “This respectful letter was one of the reasons the establishment agreed to enter negotiations with the US over its nuclear program.”

When asked if a similar letter from Trump would facilitate talks, he answered: “A change of tone is good, but it is not always enough. If it does not lead to a change of attitude, strategy, and policy towards the IR of Iran, it will be of no value to us. We will see it as a temporary tactic.”

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Mousavi continued by saying: “The Americans have been testing the resolve of Iranians for four decades now, and they have failed every step of the way. They have had no achievements. They will gradually learn how to talk with the people of Iran.”

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