(Persia Digest) – The new Belgian head coach of Iran’s Team Melli, Marc Wilmots, has chosen Vahid Hasehmian as his assistant.

Former Team Melli player, Vahid Hashemian, has completed his job with Persepolis Club. His football career extends to the Bundesliga in Germany, and Hamburg, Bochum, and Bayern Munich teams. He earned his nickname ‘The Helicopter’ for his strength in the air while playing for Hamburg.

He wore the Team Melli jersey fifty times and scored 15 goals for his team in these matches.

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After his career as a player, he pursued a coaching career in Germany and took on the Hamburg U17 team in July 2017.

Wilmots has recently replaced Carlos Queiroz as Team Melli coach in Iran. He has also introduced Manuel Ferreira from Spain and Spinosi from France as his two assistants.

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