(Persia digest)-  Eleven films directed by Greek filmmaker Theo Angelopoulos (1970-2009) will be screened at Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art from 16 August – 19 September.

In the section ‘A review of Theo Angelopoulos Films’, the following will be shown during the above period:

  1. Reconstitution (1970)
  2. The Travelling Players (1975)
  3. The Hunters (1977)
  4. Alexander the Great (1980)
  5. Voyage to Cythera (1984)
  6. Landscape in the Mist (1988)
  7. The Suspended Step of the Stork (1991)
  8. Ulysses’ Gaze (1995)
  9. Eternity and a Day (1998)
  10. The Weeping Meadow (2004)
  11. The Dust of Time (2009)

The films will be shown on Sundays and Wednesdays of every week in the original language with Persian subtitles.

His first independent feature film, the ‘Reconstitution’ was inspired by real life events of a man murdered by his wife and her lover. In order to make things more real, Angelopoulos chose the village where the murder took place as the location for filming. The story begins with the man returning home from a long business trip. His youngest child does not recognize him after such a long time. He is greeted by his family and they sit at the dinner table, smiling at one another. At once, the family picture freezes and the credits are run over it. This is the last view of a family which will soon fall apart.

Angelopoulos’ The Weeping Meadow won the Special Jury Prize – Spiritual Competition of the Fajr Film Festival 2005. He described Iranian cinema as a sweet, fluid poem, after my own heart. Its pure simplicity is attractive.

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