(Persia Digest) – Shah Cheragh Shrine is a sacred, religious monument in Shiraz, southern Iran. It is the burial place of Seyed Ahmad, brother of Imam Reza (AS), the 8th Shia Imam. It was built in the 6th century AH.

The dome and colonnaded porch of the mausoleum is adorned with striking tilework and the original ivan has been expanded throughout the years.

The names of God have been inscribed on the four pillars in the four corners of the porch which is paved with marble covered with attractive arabesque designs carved by skilled stone carvers.

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The silver-plated latticework around the tomb is decorated with gold-plated leafs and poetry verses in Persian and Arabic around the top. It was erected in 1827 CE (1243 AH) during the rule of Fathali Shah of Qajar. An exquisite chest with an inlaid design has been placed on the tombstone. The pilasters and ceiling inside the mausoleum have also been ornamented with inlaid designs and woodwork.

In 1959 (1379 HS), the old dome was removed and replaced with an iron structure on the old foundations. The form and ornaments of the Shah Cheragh dome are one of the most beautiful, well-shaped ones in the world.

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