(Persia Digest) – Water shortages and a lack of drinking water network in the villages of southeastern Iran have always inflicted great pain and damage on their inhabitants. In the latest tragedy, three children from the Camubazaar village in Chabahar who were collecting water from a nearby ‘houtag’ rainwater reservoir drowned in it.

According to a report by IRNA a few months ago, four young girls from Zirdan village who were fetching water from a pond all drowned one by one when one of them fell in the water and the others tried to save her.

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Another four girls from the Kahir Kenarak village also drowned after the recent rains when they went for a swim in the river.

In the latest tragedy in Camubazaar, Chabahar Port, three young students drowned in the houtag rainwater reservoir.

A family member of one of the victims said: “The girls always helped their families by fetching water after school. They also went for swims near the houtags after school was out.”

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The inhabitants of southern Sistan and Baluchestan Province have faced water shortages for decades now.

These tragic events must serve as a wake-up call for authorities to solve the problem in this area.

One way to do provide drinkable water is to sweeten seawater and transfer it to the villages to avoid such accidents.

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