(Persia Digest) - U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is holding talks with his Swiss counterpart that are expected to focus on Iran.

Matthew Lee writes in Fox News that amid rising tensions between Washington and Tehran that have sparked fears of conflict, Pompeo was meeting Swiss Foreign Minister Ignazio Cassis in the southern Swiss town of Bellinzona. Switzerland represents U.S. interests in Iran.

Although the U.S. says it won't relent in its campaign to pressure Iran, President Donald Trump has signaled a willingness to talk with Iran's leadership.

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Pompeo has been coy about communicating with Iran through Switzerland, but the U.S. has previously relied on Swiss discretion to do so.

The two were meeting at Castelgrande, a medieval castle in Cassis' home canton of Ticino, an Italian-speaking area of Switzerland near Italy's lakes region.

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