(Persia Digest) – In the middle of the city of Hamedan there is a square where the shrine of Baba Taher, one of the greatest Iranian poets, is placed. The shrine has two eye-catching turquoise domes.

Baba Taher lived in late 4th and mid-5th centuries AH and was the master of couplets.

His name, Bba Taher Oryan, is associated with sweet and charming love poems which were mostly written in the Lori dialect.

The building of Baba Taher’s shrine was not like what it looks today from the beginning. It has undergone many changes due to repetitive destructions and reconstructions throughout the years. The main shrine is believed to be built during Seljukian era.

In the 6th century AH, a tower was added to the shrine of the great poet but it was gradually destroyed in the course of time and only its ruins remained. During the reign of Pahlavi I, Hamedan Council was assigned to build a new structure for the shrine. The new shrine was completed in 1970 and is still in place as Baba Taher’s mausoleum.

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During the reconstruction operations, a tile plate was discovered dating back to the 7th century AH. The plate is presently kept at the National Museum of Iran [Iran Bastan Museum]. Verses from the holy Quran are written on the turquoise plate in bold Kufic calligraphy.

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