(Persia Digest) -  The construction of a tram network on Kish Island, in the Persian Gulf, will get underway in the second half of this year.

An MoU for the construction of the first stage of works has been signed between Kish Free Zone Organization (KFZO) and a consortium comprised of MAPNA Group, Shahr Bank, and Sabir International Export Company.

Kish Island’s tram network will have two lines initially measuring 8kms in length. It will operate in the island’s commercial center, between Hormuz Sq and Marjan T-junction.

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This modernized means of transportation will benefit from the joint national and international skills of advisors based on the latest standards and most recent safety and security designs.

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This will be the island’s first public transport with the capacity to move seven million passengers per year. It will have a significant impact on the growth of industry on the island.

Kish Island in Iran’s southern shores, in the Persian Gulf is host to an average of 1MM and 700 thousand tourists every year.

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