(Persia Digest) – ‘Khoniagaran-e Mehr’ from Iran is an all-Iranian women’s orchestra which will be performing at the 25th edition of WOMEX.

The orchestra has been selected and invited to WOMEX 19 out of over 1000 participation requests made for this edition of the music festival for an official performance which will take place at the Tempere Hall in Finland.

WOMEX 19 is one of the world’s largest music events which hosts publishers, independent musicians, organizers, and state organizations in music every year from over 90 countries.

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During the festival, academic conferences, training workshops, concerts, and music exhibitions will be held for over 2000 actors in music.

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‘Khoniagaran-e Mehr’ orchestra for women has been on a global tour in the past year in cities such as Kiev, Paris, Thun, Berlin, Hamburg, and Frankfurt.

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