(Persia Digest) – The Largest international handmade carpet exhibition will be held in Tehran from 25-31 August. Four of the world’s largest, one-piece carpets will be unveiled here.

The President of Iran National Carpet Center (INCC), Fereshteh Dastpak, said: “Around 800 stands will be set up to show the crème de la crème of handwoven carpets. Foreign businessmen and traders interested in handmade carpets have been invited to attend the exhibition. Arrangements have been for payments to solve currency transfer issues.”

Dastpak continued by saying we are pursuing new ideas and great dynamics on a global level, adding: “An estimated 30 percent of Persian handmade carpet exports were to the US which has come to a stop due to sanctions imposed by Trump. But we are seeking to sign MoUs with other countries to capture new markets.”

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The head of the National Union of Cooperatives of Iran’s Carpet Manufacturers, Mojtaba Araghchi, said: “Although the handwoven carpet market was somewhat stagnant after the US reimposed sanctions on Iran, we were able to find new ways to neutralize the effects of their hostile policies in this economic war on the handwoven carpet industry.”

He said that Iranian handmade carpets and tableau rugs are also exported to countries other than the US, adding: “Our long-time rival, China, is now our best customer of Persian carpets and tableau rugs.”

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Araghchi stated that 90 percent of Persian carpets are exported, reiterating: “The market for the Persian handmade carpet is currently stagnant and unstable not because of US sanctions, but due to the prevailing economic crisis in the world.”

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