(Persia Digest) – When an e-taxi driver asked his passenger to observe the hijab inside the car, it turned into new controversy in Iran.

Persia Digest (PD) reports that for several years, the issue of observing the hijab inside the car has become a controversy among the proponents and opponents of compulsory veil in Iran. The proponents believe that the interior of a car is not a private space and women have to observe the hijab as in public spaces. But the opponents believe that the interior space of a car is private like the home and there is no need for the hijab.

This argument has taken a new turn in recent days. Traffic enforcement cameras in Iran are now taking pictures of women with bad or no hijabs inside cars and send the photos to the address of the car-owner with the fine.

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To date, many women in Iran have faced fines for not wearing the hijab inside cars. But this has also created difficulties for taxi drivers now, because they have to pay the fine for the women passengers who do not observe the hijab in the taxis.

This new turn of events has created a new controversy in Iran’s virtual space. On Thursday, a woman passenger hails an e-taxi. The driver asks her to cover her hair as he would be fined otherwise. The woman refuses and the driver makes her get out of the car.

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This ignites an argument between them and the woman passenger posts the driver’s details on social media, bringing the proponents and opponents toe to toe anew. Hashtags by the opponents of the hijab asking for a boycott of the famous taxi service goes viral, prompting the proponents to encourage and support the driver.

It has been reported that the e-taxi company has tried to appease both passenger and driver.

But what is perhaps less noticeable is the process that has just begun to deal with the bad hijab in Iran. If law enforcement was one party in fighting the bad hijab before, it is now people vs people; and this can have dire social consequences.

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