(Persia Digest) – Publication figures for April show price hikes of over 88 percent for books in Iran which has been unprecedented to date. At the same time, publishers have reduced their output by 18 percent.

According to figures published by Iran Book House, 7300 titles were published in April this year of which 5145 titles were in the original language and 2155 were translations.

Comparing figures for books published in April 2019 with a similar period last year show an 18 percent drop. Considering that book publication also dropped by 22 percent in March, it can be deduced that the shortage of paper in Iran and its high price on the free market has resulted in a 40 percent reduction in publications.

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Also, an average of 1175 copies of each book was printed in April this year, while this figure was 1319 last April. Hence, there has also been an 11 percent drop in the number of copies being printed for each title.

Price rises of 88 percent for books simultaneously with the Tehran Book Fair in April this year is interesting in itself. Many specialists in the publishing industry believe that excessive book prices in recent years are not proportionate to difficulties in the industry and are mostly linked to a lack of price monitoring.

The average book price in April this year was 33,994 tomans (USD 2.66), while this figure was 18,096 tomans (USD 1.41) in April last year.

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