(Persia Digest) – Nejatollahi Street (former Villa) in Tehran has been designated as the Handicrafts Parade on World Handicrafts Day.

World Handicrafts Day is celebrated on 10 June every year. This turned into another auspicious day in Tehran with the help of the City Council and the Islamic City Councils.

Nejatollahi Street (Villa) in central Tehran is home to row after row of handicraft shops. At a special ceremony yesterday, a seven-color plaque for the Handicrafts Parade was unveiled by the Head of the Cultural Heritage, Tourism, and Handicrafts Organization.

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Mayor of Tehran’s sixth district, Mohammad-Reza Dehdaripour, said at the ceremony: “Nejatollahi Street is now a handicrafts and cultural center in Iran. We intend to turn it into a tourist attraction.”

A number of artisans showcased their works on tables alongside the street at the ceremony yesterday and three were also accredited for their art.

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