(Persia Digest) – Speaking to reporters today, Hossein Zeinali, director of medicinal herbs at the Iranian Ministry of Agriculture, said: “Iran is top producer of medicinal rose in the world. It has 24 thousand hectares under cultivation, bringing in USD 10MM from exports.”

He said: “This medicinal plant is very highly valued in pharmaceuticals and perfumeries. It is exported to the Persian Gulf states and European countries such as Germany.”

According to him, every kilogram of rosewater exported is worth between 8-10 dollars, every kilogram of rosebuds between 10-12 dollars, and every kilogram of oil between 5-10 thousand euros.

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He added that 168kgs of Otto of Rose is exported annually, making Iran fourth among exporters.

The official continued by saying: “Iran provides 90 percent of the world’s rosewater, and 8-10 percent of Otto of Rose.”

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However, despite the large cultivation area in Iran, the yield was relatively low. That is, global yields are about 5 to 8 tons per hectare, but the average yield in Iran is 2 tons per hectare.

He pointed to obstacles in payments, saying: “Currently, Iranian exporters are facing difficulties in currency payments while there are 40 thousand people active in the industry.”

He also gave the news of an agreement with France to setup a perfume plant in Iran to use the Otto of Rose for perfume production in Iran.

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