(Persia Digest) - An MoU has been signed for the production of new cancer drugs between Zahravi Pharmaceutical Co and Roche Pharmaceuticals of Switzerland in the presence of the Swiss Ambassador in Tehran and the Head of Iran's Food and Drug Administration (IFDA).

The MoU provides for the production of the latest knowledge-based drugs for transplants, MS, hemophilia, and types of cancer by Zahravi Pharmaceuticals in Tabriz under license from Roche.

The Head of IFDA, Mohammad-Reza Shanehsaz, pointed out at the signing ceremony that 99 percent of Iran’s medical requirements were produced domestically, adding: “Self-sufficiency and progress in producing new drugs is a top priority for our well-being and economy.”

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He underlined: “Harsh US sanctions have directly aimed the health of Iranians.”

Roche CEO, Farid Bidgoli, also mentioned that the company has been intermittently present in Iran from 49 years ago, saying: “Our goal is to transfer knowledge about the production of cancer drugs through the training of Iranian experts and the presence of our engineers in Tabriz.”

This top Iranian-British Director also reiterated: “We are looking for elite talents in the universities of Iran to use their expertise in the Swiss Roche Pharmaceuticals Company in Iran.”

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He underlined that Roche is focusing on supplying the Iranian market, adding: “If this market is saturated, we can start thinking about exports to regional countries from here as a pilot project.”

Zahravi Pharmaceutical Co CEO, Dr Behzad Mafi, also said that Iran is currently producing 80 percent of its medical needs for transplants and 60 percent of its MS drugs. With the signature of this MoU, hemophilia drugs and certain new cancer drugs will be produced in Tabriz.

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