(Persia Digest) – Strikes on two oil tankers in the Oman Sea have upped oil prices by USD 2.5.

Global markets saw a price rise of USD 2.58 per barrel of oil. Brent oil is being sold for USD 62.55 per barrel.

Al-Alam news network has quoted local Omani sources that two large tankers carrying crude oil have been struck off the UAE coast.

Bloomberg also reported that one of the tankers carrying UAE oil is on fire in the Oman Sea.

An official in Fujairah Port, UAE, said that the burning tanker was carrying oil from Abu Dhabi.

The UK Maritime Trade Operations, part of the Royal Navy, said on Thursday it was investigating the incidents with its partners.

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The Associated Press reported: “The UK Maritime Trade Operations has issued warnings on “suspected attacks” in the Gulf of Oman and asked for “extreme caution” in this region.

Al-Hadath reports that the US Fifth Fleet is aware of the incidents in the Gulf of Oman and is investigating it.

Other news outlets have reported that one of the tankers is sinking.

The nationality of these tankers has not been determined and no one has claimed responsibility for probable attacks or explosions.

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